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CTO Day: Dubai Chapter

by Denis Makrushin

Last year we met in Serbia. This time the amazing place can be described in three words: hot, wet, bright.

Colleagues from Yandex gathered technology leaders in Dubai, the center of innovation in the Middle East. It was my first time in the UAE, so to the impressions of walking through museums and exhibitions I added insights:

Security Champions are not enough. The “CTO+Cybersecurity” roundtable concluded: Security Champions training program should make an evolutionary shift to development culture improvement program where security is a baseline for every developer on the team.

Stochastic behavior and energy-saving decision-making are the characteristics of a natural neural network that determine its survival. It’s the core difference with an artificial neural network. Prof. Vyacheslav Dubynin in his lecture “Natural and Artificial Neural Networks: A Neuroscientist’s View” describes key differences between the behavior of natural intelligence and AI. Random deviations in decision making allow an organism to be unpredictable to a predator and ensure its survival in the natural environment. Perhaps this concept of stochastic behavior can be useful for cybersecurity challenges.

Rain can flood the desert.

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